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5 Tips to Choose a Photographer for your Wedding

After studying different portfolios and choosing several photographers, ask them to show you their wedding series as a whole as to get a complete idea not only about the most successful pictures of this photographer, but about all his pictures as well. Read references about the photographer as to avoid a person who can send to your wedding one of the beginners instead of himself because of some sudden illness. Do not try to find a photographer at low price: quite often only amateurs work for little money. They can promise you much, but you may be disappointed with the result at the end. Of course, you can run a risk and let some aspiring photographer practice his skills in shooting on your wedding day. But you should keep in mind that if you are not satisfied with the result you will not be able to change anything later on. Do not hesitate to contact a photographer pleasant to you even if his price is higher than you expected. Discuss your budget with him and…


9 Tips to Choose your Wedding Rings

What ever metal you chose – white, yellow, or red gold, platinum, or silver – try on every ring that is pleasant to you to see what it looks like on your finger. You shouldn’t choose cheap gold rings of low quality, as they will get dull quickly. Actually, you shouldn’t save on your wedding rings, as unlike all other details of your wedding, rings are the only ones designed to be worn for a lifetime. Platinum rings are stronger – they are more persistent to scratches as compared to gold rings. Silver rings will demand proper care – any silver ring gets dark in time. Think twice before choosing some unusual fashioned model popular this very season: it will quickly go out of date, but you will not be able just to change it for something more original; it will remain on your finger. On the contrary, rings of a classical style will look natural both nowadays and years after. It is preferable not to purchase a ring which hardly fits your finger: fingers…

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5 Tips to Choose your Wedding Shoes

    It is preferable to choose your wedding shoes only after purchasing your wedding dress to make sure they are a good match to each other. As assortment of wedding shoes in wedding shops is quite limited mainly by shoes of a classical style, you could pay more attention to shoe boutiques, including Internet shops. Due to the experience of my brides, you can find there much more interesting models at lower price. If you are not used to wearing high-heel shoes, you shouldn’t try 4” heels for your wedding day – your feet and back can quickly get tired and this will easily spoil the impression of the whole celebration. You should think not only of the beauty, but also of comfort. Keep in mind that this day will last since early morning till late night. It is better to break in your wedding shoes beforehand – put them on for a little while every day for a couple of weeks. This will ensure that on your main day you will feel comfortable with…