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Rainy Day – 5 Tips of What to Do

  They say there is no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. But still everybody dreams of sunshine and clear sky on their wedding day. So what should you do if the weather forecast for your wedding day is unfavorable? It is not a big deal. Purchase transparent umbrellas – they look beautiful. In addition, they will serve as an excellent detail for shooting. If your wedding is planned for cold season, keep in mind that temperature outside can be uncomfortably low, therefore you should think about some additional mantles as not to get cold while walking. It is better not to go outside for shooting in the rain or snow in your wedding shoes – you will feel more comfortable if you have a second pair of shoes. If you by all means want to make some pictures in the rain, you should make sure in advance that your photographer has additional accessories required for protection of his equipment. At last, make sure that in the place where you…


5 Tips to Choose your Wedding Dress

The main thing about choosing your wedding dress is not to hurry. This process should bring you pleasure. There is no need to purchase your dress a year or two before your wedding day. You may gain some extra pounds or, on the contrary, lose some weight. So when the time comes it may become difficult for you to get your dress properly fitted. Before visiting wedding boutiques, you should define your budget, study current prices and models offered – thus it will be easier for you to feel confident in your searching. Going to boutiques, take along one of your family members or friends who can soberly evaluate gowns that you will try on and unlike shop assistants point out their imperfections if any. You should keep in mind that you will be wearing your wedding shoes – do not try wedding dresses on in sneakers. You should not forget as well that your dress style determines certain conditions for your wedding. Thus, if you choose too wide skirt, your groom will not be…